Anupama full episode 23rd July 2023 written update: Malti vows to hurt Anupama

As we know the high TRP show is Anupama right now because of the superb and high changes. The show has taken an interesting turning point. The latest episode starts with Malti asking Nakul to speak up. He asks Malti if she has any idea about the dance competition between Anupama and him. He tells about his planning when he hurt Anupama. She says that why is he telling her these things he says he doesn’t want to let Malti do anything wrong. Anupama won him with her goodness. She says him that if wants to be with Anupama then he can go. He decides with her and tries to stop her from doing anything wrong. Malti vows to hurt Anupama more.


Anupama full episode 23rd July 2023

Anupama learns from Samar that the dance academy has shut down.  Paritosh says someone has informed the municipal corporation about not having a license to run the academy. Leela thinks about Malti. Dimple accuses Anupama. She asks her to calm down. Leela queries why she faces Dimple she replies as fast decisions are not right sometimes. Dimple interrupts and says as Anupama missed the chance to go USA. Kavya says it is superior to missing the manner.


Vanraj sees the mark on Anuapama’s hand he asks her about the reason but she doesn’t answer. Shahs asks Anupama to go to her house. Malti faces sponsors’ wrath. She takes vows to destroy Anupama. Nakul tries to stop her.  Anupama cries in Anuj’s arm. Anu comes and tells that she has completed her homework.  Anuj sends Anu to her room. He asks Anupama to tell him what happened at Malti’s place. Anupama says that she has seen rage in Malti’s eyes. She says these things can harm her kids he assures her that he will not let happen anything to her kids.


Furthermore, Anupama in the sleep looks for Anuj, Anu. Anupama screamed at him for not telling her. She runs to Shah’s house and Paritosh, Samar, and Pakhi. Shash asks her what happened to her she tells that she is here to check on her kids. She minds that Samar is missing. Anupama asks Shahs to tell about Samar. Paritosh tells her that Samar is no more she gets shocked and she wakes up. Anuj asks Anupama if she had a bad dream. She doesn’t tell him about her dream. He says if Malti knows to take revenge then he is no less. Stay tuned for more updates.

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