Anupama 30th October 2023 Today’s Written Update

We are back with a written update on everyone’s favorite TV show Anupama. Today’s episode starts, When Anupama takes Dimpy outdoors, she asks Malti Devi to see her and remarks on how beautiful she looks. Malti Devi claims that she looks fantastic. When Anuj arrives, he gives her a terrible impression and requests that Anupama donate money to the underprivileged. He claims that he has always heard that pregnant women look stunning and that we have seen this today as well. Weak coughs. Adhik sprints over to fetch her some water. Dimpy takes a sip. Adhik inquires about her health and reminds her to check her purse for a water bottle, snack bars, and candy. He travels to bring the Swiss chocolates he claims to have.

Anupama 30th October 2023

Friends Anuj and Malti Devi look after expectant mothers on the bus, as well as strangers. Adhik brings her Swiss chocolate, and Anuj brings her Imli goli and methi ki laddoo. While Toshu is occupied visiting the UK embassy, Pakhi worries about her value in the household. Toshu doesn’t seem to care when Vanraj informs him that Pari is crying. Adhik enters the room and inquires about Pakhi’s whereabouts. He reminds her that she has taken good care of Dimpy during her pregnancy and requests more water and attention. Pakhi says that no one is interested in her and that they didn’t seek second opinions from other doctors. Adhik encourages her to stop using her sympathy card and raises doubts about it.

Malti Devi turns to face Pakhi as she sobs, and the two of them wait for one other. She thinks that no spouse is like Anuj, and all wives wait for their husbands. Anupama claims that Anuj has made her feel less alone and has amassed wealth, notoriety, and a reputation for herself, but she neglected to develop relationships and acquire dance skills. Anuj, who married Anupama but is unable to obtain six packs of Abs, is shown meals by her. He asks what she wants for tomorrow and whether he wants to end her life.


Anupama informs Anuj that they will perform the previously performed Godh Bharayi by Kavya. She notices Romil’s book on the table when Anuj invites her to visit the room shortly. Adhik begs Pakhi to realize that Dimpy lost both her brother and her spouse in the space of a year. Adhik claims she plays the victim card just as much as Pakhi does. She is astonished when Anupama knocks on Romil’s door to offer him his book. The narrative emphasizes the value of compassion, love, and understanding in the lives of individuals such as Anuj and Pakhi.

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