Anupama 19th November 2023 Written Update, Today Episode

Since the audience is looking for information regarding a recent Anupama episode, we will provide it here. The episode began with Barkha informing Malti Devi that Toshu is this way, but Kinjal is incredibly kind and says she didn’t think she would leave Baa in this state. Anupama, according to Malti Devi, is there to look after them. Just before anything happens, Barkha says Anupama calls and says the Shah residence is like Rahu Ketu for her. According to her, Shah’s house is always there in her home. Anuj asserts that it cannot be Rahu Ketu because it is her family. Anupama, a mother enduring a terrible illness, is put in charge of tending to her ailing daughter Choti. She is left to take care of her pregnant daughter Kavya since she is unable to manage the duties of her husband, Toshu, and Kinjal.


Anuj, a mother herself, can’t support her daughter because she’s pregnant. While preparing meals for everyone, Anupama considers preparing paratha for Dimpy. She requests notebooks for Choti, veggies, and rations. The doctor agrees to handle the matter when Anuj phones and begs her to visit him. Choti is likewise led to the kitchen by Anupama, who also sings her a lohri. Anuj asks about Baa’s health and her blood pressure while Choti is sleeping. Anupama says that when she thinks about Toshu and Kinjal, her blood pressure spikes and Babu ji is unable to complete the task. She further says that Kavya is unable to work much because she is pregnant.

Anupama Written Update 19th November 2023

Pakhi is asked by Anuj to go to the residence and look after Babu ji and Baa. Pakhi consents to help with housework, but she won’t follow instructions because she is pregnant. Anuj requests that Anupama take care of her while she recovers. When Kavya throws up, she considers contacting Pakhi to get some milk, but instead, she hears music. Though she can hear music, she calls Pakhi.  After turning off the gas, Dimpy chastises Pakhi for not hearing her. Pakhi said that Mummy sent her to take care of them because she couldn’t hear because she was wearing earbuds. She queries why she is not getting married and why she is staying at the Kapadia residence.


Babu Ji yells at Dimpy, asking why she is telling her anything while he is powerless to assist. If they are unable to keep the peace, he wants them to go. Baa’s blood pressure is up, Kavya informs Anupama after checking it. When Babu ji visits Baa, he informs her that she is restless. She declines his request to use the loo. They ring Kavya, Dimpy, and Pakhi, but no one answers. When Babu ji’s phone calls, Anupama questions why he doesn’t answer. Anupama is informed by Pakhi that Babu Ji requested her to depart because of Dimpy. Kavya encourages the women to stop fighting, and Anupama receives a call from Babu Ji. When Choti hugs Anupama, Babu ji and Baa pass out.

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