What Happened To Angel Evans’s Baby Son Senan O’Shaughnessy? Opened up about the sad death of baby

Losing a child is something everyone feels deeply but what a mother face and feels after losing her child is something no one can explain. bring a life into this world is one of the greatest pleasures for a woman, becoming a mother creates something so pure and beautiful but losing that creation can be the losing point for them also. It doesn’t matter if you are already a mother it was your first child or second, the loss will be the same for the mother. Blue Angel Evans The Edge’s daughter recently open up about the tragic loss of her baby son.

Angel Evans's Baby Son

Angel Evans Baby Son Senan O’Shaughnessy Death News

David Howell Evans was better known by his stage name “The Edge”, and is the lead guitarist of the rock band U2. His daughter recently took upon her social media handle and post about the son she lost last year. Most people know her as the daughter of the Edge. She likes to stay away from the limelight that’s why there is not much information about her personal life or about her profession. But recently when she shared about her son on Instagram people seems to take an interest in it and want to learn more about it.

Angel Evans's Baby Son

Angel gave birth to a beautiful son in 2022. She named him Senan O’Shaughnessy. She never has spoken about her son publicly as we all know how much she likes her privacy but recently Evans decided to share about her son with everyone through her social media. Her son was just nine days old when he passed away because of some compilation during birth. After almost a year after Angel decided to share his memories with her followers. Losing a child can be very challenging for anyone and Angel has suffered greatly with this loss. Not just Angle but also her family have to go through this hurtful experience.

Angel Evans's Baby Son

Before giving birth to her son she also has a daughter, Luna. But that didn’t lessen the pain of losing a child. Evans shared a lot of information about her son in her post with a picture of her baby son. In this difficult time, Everyone shows the support and love Angel needs. Her stepmother and The Edge’s wife, Morleigh also showcased her support towards her and her family. It’s understandable that Blue feels the gear to share her baby son’s story with everyone and celebrate his life, even when he passed away a year ago.

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