America was making biological weapons in Ukraine, Biden’s problem increased with allegations of running a lab

Now the US government is in the trap of these documents of the US Ministry of Defense. PKBnews India was the first to reveal in March-April that the US was funding an anthrax lab in Ukraine.

Biden’s difficulties may grow.

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It has been more than 9 months since the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine. America Supporting Ukraine in this war. But a big news has come out of this battle, which could increase the difficulties for US President Joe Biden. In fact, US organization Judicial Watch has claimed that America is dangerous in Ukraine. biological weapons Or was running a biolab there to make bioapps. The agency cited US Defense Department documents for this.

In fact, earlier Russia accused America of developing biological weapons in Ukraine. Now the US government is in the trap of these documents of the US Ministry of Defense. PKBnews India It was first revealed in March-April that America was funding anthrax labs in Ukraine. Since then, the matter has been under discussion.

Russia accused America again

On the other hand, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Rabkov claimed on Thursday that the United States is conducting research on pathogens under its biological weapons program near Russia’s border. This news has come forward with reference to the Russian media. Addressing the media, he said that Russia has every reason to believe that biological weapons are being developed near our borders. He also said that America and its allies are continuing this research. This is also happening in neighboring Ukraine.

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The Russian minister said there is evidence against America

Russia’s deputy foreign minister also said Russia has evidence of how human pathogens are being researched near its borders. It is completely rejected. He said that foreign military forces are working to develop bioweapons using human samples and infectious disease samples from the country. This includes biological weapons, which are not affected by vaccines. He said that during the upcoming Geneva conference, Russia can also present evidence against America. However, America has termed all these allegations as baseless.


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