Amazon’s big shock! Hundreds of Indians will lose their jobs, new report will shock you

Amazon layoffs: Next month, Amazon is going to lay off hundreds of people in India. The company is going to stop many activities. The issue came up in the latest report on jobs cuts.

Amazon India: Hundreds to lose their jobs (File Photo)

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In the midst of an ongoing government investigation into the layoffs Amazon Jobs Another big news is coming. According to the latest report, Amazon is going to lay off hundreds of people in India. These Amazon layoffs can only be announced in the coming months. The e-commerce company is preparing to shut down many of its operations in the country. The result… hundreds of people across the country will lose their jobs. Can any business be closed? Know what the latest report says?

According to a Bloomberg report, Amazon is planning to exit its empty goods delivery business in India, the doorstep delivery of packaged consumer goods to small businesses. Both will close next month. Hundreds of employees associated with them will lose their jobs.

Amazon Academy closed, beta testing suspended

Reports say the company is also shutting down Amazon Academy, an online learning platform that prepares for JEE and NEET exams in India. It will take some time though. Through this, children are prepared for engineering and medical entrance exams. Also, the company has also suspended its beta testing project for some time.

The startling report comes as an investigation into layoffs at Amazon is already underway. Notably, a few days ago, Amazon announced to lay off 10,000 workers from its offices around the world. It was also said that he would reduce people little by little, not all at once.

It is said that so far the company has not fired anyone. Instead, the employees are being asked to resign. Amazon employees have been asked to resign under the company’s Voluntary Severance Program (VSP). This will give them a lot of benefits. Eg- Basic pay up to 22 weeks (one week basic pay for every 6 months of service), medical insurance coverage up to 6 months. However, those placed in the Performance Improvement Program will not be able to sign up for the VSP.


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