Alick Macheso Accident Update: Injury and Health 2023

Zimbabwean musician Alick Macheso recently talked about the accident rumors of his band. Currently, a story on the internet spreading that Alick Macheso and his band were involved in a car accident in which they left serious injured. Further, the story claims the band “Bandre Vanhu” would not perform as it got involved in an accident. The musician understood the seriousness of the matter and responded to the ongoing rumors about his band. Alick Macheso did not want his followers and fans to get misled. Therefore, he took to his official social media accounts and posted a post for his followers. Let’s explore more information about this news. Kindly stick with this page and find out what happened to Alick Macheso. Swipe down the page and take a peek below.

Alick Macheso Accident

Alick Macheso Accident Update

First of all, let’s discuss what rumors claim. The ongoing story is spreading rumors that Alick Macheso and his band members got involved in an accident while their on way to perform at a concert and a few of his band members were also killed in the crash. After hearing this story, fans were left completely unsettled and they started taking over the internet to look out if Alick Macheso and his band members are okay. In the next section read what Alick Macheso said about the ongoing rumors.

Singer Alick Macheso used his social media account to respond to the accident news. He posted in the local language dubbed as “The people are you! #BandreManhu is safe, everything else is a story, today we are here in Chitungwiza and we are ready! No accident!” He clearly cited “Everything else is a story” which means nobody got killed and no accident actually happened. The singer also confirmed that he is in Chitungwiza to perform. His post came as a relief for the fans who were distressed after coming across the accident rumors. Take a look at the next section and read how his fans reacted to his statement.

One person said, “The God we believe in is the god of murderers and those who burn men” Another Alick Macheso fan posted, “They come with bad teeth as if they want us, so be careful there, my brother. Under the voice of Cheso boys”. A fan wrote, “I threw my radio in Blair’s toilet when I heard about this accident, but when I heard that it was a lie, I wanted to try to pull the radio out with a wire and found that it had sunk.” Stay tuned to this website.

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