Who Is Alain Bellefeuille? Man arrested with first-degree murder in death of OPP officer Eric Mueller

In recent news, it is reported that an Ontario Provincial Police officer who died early on Thursday was ‘ambushed and shot’ along with two others when they arrived at a home east of Ottawa. Later, the local residents expressed shock at the violence in their typically quiet community. You are required to read the complete article in order to learn the entire story. Follow us around for all the insights. Continue reading for more details.

Alain Bellefeuille

Who Is Alain Bellefeuille?

On Thursday, an Ontario Provincial Police officer was ambushed and shot along with two others when they arrived at a home east of Ottawa has reportedly died, and local residents were seen filled with shock at the violence in their typically quiet community. Reportedly, Sgt. Eric Mueller, whom the OPP described as an exemplary officer, was killed after responding to a report of a disturbance at a home in Bourget, Ontario. Alain Bellefeuille, a 39-year-old Bourget resident, has been charged with one count of first-degree murder and two counts of attempted murder in the case.

Alain Bellefeuille

The OPP Commissioner Thomas Carrique, claimed that Mueller will be remembered as a well-respected officer and a family man. It is reported that the officer had a wife and two children. In a news conference, Carrique told that many hearts are broken after learning the truth, noting that Mueller was a 21-year-old veteran of the force. He is described by his colleague as a coach, mentor, someone that everybody looked up to, and the best leader that many people ever had the privilege of working with. Mueller and two other officers went to the home in Bourget at around 2 am Thursday after residents reported hearing gunshots. For some reason, they called for backup before they approached the house.

Eric Mueller
Eric Mueller: OPP officer killed in shooting east of Ottawa

Carrique continued and claimed that upon arrival, three of our officers were ambushed and shot. The police said that one officer was seriously injured and is in hospital while the other injured officer has since been released and is recovering at home. Whereas by the time the second group of officers arrived, they knew that their colleagues who got there first had stopped answering radio calls. The deadly shooting unsettled what residents described as a picturesque community about 50 kilometers east of Ottawa, where many young families raise children and conversations slip between French and English.


Eric Mueller

Mueller is the fifth police officer to be fatally shot in Ontario since September. His death comes after the names of the other four officers were added to Ontario Police Memorial on Sunday as part of an annual remembrance ceremony. Thank you for being a patient reader.

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