After Doklam-Ladakh now Tawang… What is China’s plan? After 36 years, the clash took place here

China considers Tawang in Arunachal Pradesh to be part of Tibet. Tawang is also included in China’s Five Fingers of Tibet policy.

Indian Army

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Doklam And Ladakh now later China Tawang also attempted to infiltrate, followed by clashes between Indian and Chinese troops. On December 9, the armies of both the countries faced each other while on patrol. According to reports, the dispute started from the Chinese side. Indian troops then retaliated and drove away 300 Chinese soldiers.

China considers Tawang in Arunachal Pradesh to be part of Tibet. Tawang is also included in China’s Five Fingers of Tibet policy. In 2017, the incursion into Doklam also took place under China’s Five Finger Policy. China’s incursion into Ladakh was also a part of the Five Finger Policy.

China has eyes on Tawang, Ladakh, Sikkim, Nepal and Bhutan since 1954. The Dalai Lama fled Tibet in 1959 and stayed in Tawang for a few days. After Lhasa, Tawang is the largest Tibetan Buddhist monastery. In the 1962 war, China occupied some areas of Tawang. After the armistice in 1962, the Chinese army had to retreat. In 1986-87, there was a clash with China in the Sumdarong Valley near Tawang. Now after 36 years Indian and Chinese troops clashed in Tawang.

Despite the violent clashes in Ladakh in 2020, there was peace in Tawang. But now China has also tried to act like Galvan in Tawang.

Why was Tawang cautious?

Eastern Army Commander Lt Gen Kalita issued a statement in September that the army was ready to counter every move by the PLA in the eastern theatre. In such a situation, the question arises why the Indian army is already cautious about Tawang? In fact, a Pentagon report last year warned against Arunachal. This report claims that China has built huge villages in Arunachal. There were two purposes for setting up a Chinese village here. The first objective is to fulfill the military objective of Tawang and the second objective is to occupy the territory.

Last year there was a high traffic of Chinese military officials in Tawang. According to sources, China has tried to increase surveillance in Arunachal. The PLA also increased patrolling in sensitive areas of the LAC last year.

Tawang is not Galwan

But this time India is also fully prepared. The Indian Army has made extensive preparations with lessons from Galvan. Bofors are deployed inside Tawang to counter the PLA. India also deployed Chinook last year. According to sources, India also deployed supersonic cruise missiles in Tawang last year. Other than this

Finally, the M-777 Howitzer and Mountain Strike Corps were deployed to counter the PLA. Apart from this, Indian Army exercises are going on continuously. If sources are to be believed, India has also installed new age surveillance systems inside Tawang.

China’s move on Arunachal

Arunachal has been in dispute since 2006. China has changed the name of Arunachal region. In 2017, China renamed 6 districts of Arunachal Pradesh. After that, in 2021, China changed the names of 15 areas. China named Arunachal region Sino-Tibetan. A law in this regard was also made in October. China calls Arunachal a part of southern Tibet.

India-China border dispute

India-China border is about 3500 km long. This border is divided into three sectors. Western sector (Jammu-Kashmir-Ladakh) is 1597 km long. The middle sector (Himachal and Uttarakhand) is 545 km long. Also, the eastern sector (Arunachal and Sikkim) is 1346 km long. China claims Arunachal Pradesh as its own and India’s claim is recognized.


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