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After the success of Chandrayaan 3, our India is all set to go on Sun. Finally, now our India is on the way to go on the Sun. The mission of going to son is named ISRO Aditya L1 Launch. This is the biggest day for the whole of India. 2nd September 2023 is going to be written in the history of India. All players that India the mission of sun land successfully on the sun. But now first we are going to talk about the launch mission which has happened today. This is a big day for ISRo and for the whole idea. So read this whole article to learn every single update of ISRO Aditya L1 Launch.

Aditya L1

Where Is Aditya L1 right now?

ISRO Aditya L1 Launch updates are going to be covered in this article. ISRO is all set to launch its maiden mission of going to the sun and studying about it. The Aditya L1 mission is going to be launched from Satish Dhawan Space Centre which is located in Sriharikota. This mission is a journey of a total of four months. It is going to take four months to its destination Lagrange Point 1. Scroll down to read about the happy news.

So the biggest happy news is that the ISRO Aditya L1 mission has been successfully launched. Yes, this is true. ISRO Aditya L1 mission has been successfully launched already. Now India is on its way to going on the Sun. This has happened on 2nd September 2023. This day is going to be remembered forever. So we are going to see the landing successfully on the sun after four months which is going to be automatically updated by the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO). The whole of India should celebrate this day is this is the biggest achievement for every Indian people.

ISRO Aditya L1 is the first solar mission of India. We all should feel proud right now as it is a big move for us. The Aditya L1 rocket has launched successfully regarding the political parties are celebrating and sharing their feeling regarding this on Twitter (X). The Congress party has tweeted and the BJP has also tweeted the happiness of the successful launch of Aditya L1. A big congratulations to the whole team of ISRO. Just because of all the members of ISRO, we are finally going to land on the sun and learn about it. We pray that after four months Aditya L1 successfully lands on the sun.

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