Who Is Adela Gomez? Woman arrested In Racine fatal stabbing, 9th and Walnut

We have been just updated that police have arrested the prime suspect in the Racine stabbing case which happened on Saturday, June 10, 2023. Reportedly, the arrested suspect is a woman who also has admitted to committing the crime. The victim was reportedly stabbed to death near 9th and Walnut on Saturday night. After being stabbed, the victim went to his neighbor to ask for help but he succumbed to his injuries in his neighbor’s arms. A news outlet reached out to the distraught neighbor and listened to him about the incident. You are asked to stick with this page and know what he explained. Swipe down the page and take a peek below.

Adela Gomez
Adela Gomez, Racine 9th and Walnut stabbing

Who Is Adela Gomez?

The Police arrested a woman after the stabbing that caused the victim to die at the age of 27 near 9th and Walnut in Racine, Wisconsin. Reportedly, the police responded to the complaint at around 6:30 pm on Saturday where they found a man of age 27 lying on the ground and surrounded by his own pool of blood. He was stabbed multiple times in the chest. The police officers of the Racine Police Department confirmed that the victim passed away after taking to the hospital. Recently, the prosecutor identified the suspect who admitted to it. Scroll down the page and know who is the suspect.


The suspect is identified as Adela Gomez. She is a 28 years old woman, currently in jail waiting to be charged. First-degree intentional homicide charges against Adela Gomez are still pending. The neighbor of the victim, David Molkentine claimed Adela Gomez and the victim were known to each other and they were always friendly. He said, “What I heard on Saturday night will haunt me”. He kept on saying that he was grilling when he heard his neighbor yelling for help. Scroll down the page.


David Molkentine said, “Then all of a sudden, I heard, ‘You stabbed me!’ Suddenly he saw his neighbor as he came out and held his chest full of blood. “He comes out, he’s holding his chest, and it’s full of blood — oozing blood,” He further added that his neighbor knocked on his door for help after he was stabbed in the chest and later died in his arm. Police asserted that Gomez accepted her crime. Molekntine said, “Why do people have to die in your arms in your driveway in this day and age? Why?” Gomez was apprehended the same night on pending charges of first-degree murder (intentional). Stay tuned to this website for more details


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