Accident Monaco Citroen Ami: Driver Rolls Over at Monaco’s Famous Hairpin

This is to inform you that an accident took place at the Grand Hotel hairpin which is said to be the slowest hairpin of the Monaco Grand Prix. Netizens are curiously searching for the accident Monaco Citroen Ami video ever since they heard about it. Meanwhile, this news is taking over the internet by storm and making huge rounds on social media platforms, especially Twitter. This is why netizens are logging in to their Twitter handles and searching for the Accident Monaco Citroen Ami video. If you are reading this article then you won’t require to search for it anymore. Here we have explained it in detail and described what happened at the Grand Hotel hairpin. So be sticky with this page and must read down the page till the end.

Accident Monaco Citroen Ami

Accident Monaco Citroen Ami

Prior to discussing the accident of the Monaco Citroen Ami, let’s talk about Citroen Ami, it is a low-slung city car that came under the limelight because of its polarizing structure. Citroen Ami is compact with measures only 7.9 feet long, 5 feet tall, and 6.4 feet wide. In fact, Citroen Ami has a cube-like design relatively similar to the ground with a clearance of only 5.1 inches. Meanwhile, this fact does not mean anything for Monaco Grand Prix’s popular corner. Kindly shift to the next section and read further details.

Accident Monaco Citroen Ami

The Grand hairpin is also known as the Fairmont or Loews hairpin. The video which is going viral on the internet shows that blue Citroen Ami fails to tackle the Grand Hotel hairpin safely. The first pass, which was a slight uphill climb, went fine, though you could hear Ami’s tires already squeaking as it made a pretty quick 180-degree right-hand turn. The drive of the car back went awry. The Ami was a bit fast when it approached the downhill left-hand corner, which resulted in the car tipping over at the peak. Scroll down the page and read more details.

Accident Monaco Citroen Ami

You must be getting curious to know what happened to the driver of the car whether he sustained injuries or not. But it is not clear if the driver was safe or if he sustained severe injuries in the accident. However, in the video, the Ami is seeming helpless and lying on its side. But it happened relatively at a low speed thus there is a high chance that the driver would be fine. Stay tuned to this website for more details and updates.

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