Abdu Rozic’s Dubai home is no less than a palace, take a peek

Bigg Boss 16 favorite Abdu Rozic has been evicted from the show. At the same time, his home video is going viral on social media as soon as he goes out. Abdur’s house is no less than a palace.

Abdu Rozic

Image credit source: Colors TV

Bigg Boss 16 has one contestant who is showered with lots of love by the people of India and he is none other than Abdu Rozic. Abdu Rozic is out of the program this week. However, the love for him did not decrease a bit on the public day. Abdu was well liked for his innocence. He is the only contestant who is seen playing with his heart and not his mind. Maybe that’s why he was able to reach people’s hearts.

Although Abdu’s journey to Big Boss is over. But fans are eager to see him again. At the same time, during a recent family week, it was very difficult to call Abdu’s parents. In this situation, he was given his father’s message and asked to video call home. During the video call, people also get to see Abdu’s house in Dubai. Which was no less than a palace. Not only that, Sajid Khan was also stunned to see the house.

Abdu Rozik, a resident of Tajikistan, lives a life of luxury. Meanwhile, the video of Abdur’s house is going viral on social media. As seen in the video, the hall of Abdur’s house is very big and magnificent. White Marvel is used in his house. This house is very nice and big. At the same time, Abdur’s room in this house is also specially designed.

The show also featured a glimpse of Abdur’s lavish home during a video call. Abdur’s expensive car is also seen in the viral video. Everyone is surprised after watching this video. But some social media users also say that this house is not Abdur’s but his friend’s. Abdur’s friend made a special room for him in his house. But only Abdui knows how true these things are.


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