Who Is Aaron Gunches from Arizona? Death Row Inmate Katie Hobbs Refuses to Execute

Aaron Gunches is arrested. This name is the main headline of every social media platform. He is the most trending topic on every social media platform. He is the most controversial person of the current time. And including him, there is one more name that is viral on the internet “Katie Hoobs”. Netizens want to know about both of them. And they want to know why Aaron Gunches is under arrest, In which allegations he has been arrested. And people also want to know why these names are so viral nowadays. We have gathered a lot of information about this case and we are going to share every single piece of information with you. So, Read the whole article.

Aaron Gunches

Who Is Aaron Gunches from Arizona?

Aaron Brian Gunches was born on 30 June 1971. He is 51 years old. He is an American prisoner and currently, he is on death row at Arizona State Prison in Florence, Arizona. He was arrested in the case of killing his ex-girlfriend’s husband, Ted Price near Mesa in 2002. Aaron pleaded guilty to a murder charge in the shooting death. Now we will talk about Katie Hobbs. Her full name is Kathleen Marie Hobbs, she is an American politician and social worker serving as the 24th governor of Arizona since 2023. She was born on 28th December 1969 in Tempe, Arizona, U.S. She is 53 years old. And she is a married woman. Her husband’s name is Patrick Goodman. They got married in 1996 and now they have two children.

Aaron Gunches represented himself in November 2022, when he asked the Arizona Supreme Court to issue his execution warrant. After that, he withdrew the request in early January. His execution was scheduled for 6th April 2023, Thursday, but it is unlikely to go ahead. Katie Hobbs the governor of Arizona has given many efforts to halt the death penalty in her state. She has been ordered along with state prisons director Ryan Thornell to appear in court to defend their refusal to punish Aaron.

This time Katie Hoobs is facing the judge. Aaron is trying to save himself. But Katie is fighting in court to punish him. She wants justice. She has requested the court to give her permission to execute Aaron. Much detail about this case is not revealed yet. Soon our sources are going to provide more information to us. We will share more information about this case soon. So, stay tuned with us if you want more updates on this case.

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