Fact check: Is Aakash Pathak Dead Or Alive? Obituary and Death News trending

Has Aakash Pathak died? This is the biggest trending question on the internet right now. This question is circulating on various social media platforms. Aakash’s name is currently trending on Twitter (X). People are very curious to learn if is he dead or alive. People are searching for this question on the browser and we are sure that you are also very curious to learn this that’s why you are here right now. But do you know why this topic is trending right now First of all who is Aakash Pathak? So to learn all of this you have to read this article without missing anything because this article is filled with a lot of information and truth.

Aakash Pathak

What happened to Aakash Pathak?

So first if we learn who is Aakash Pathak? He is the son of the dismissed Indian Forest Service (IFS) officer Abhay Kant Pathak. He has been involved in a high-profile case that involved the multi-crore fraud of Tata Motors job. The investigation of this case is currently happening and all the proceedings are also happening. Because of this case, the son of Abhay Kant is currently viral on the internet. His son Aakash is trending but in the wrong way as people are spreading a rumor that Aaaskh Pathak is no more. This rumor has been heavily shared and discussed.

People are currently confused as it is not clear whether Aakash Pathk died or is alive. This is the biggest question of this time. The rumor of his death has taken the nation on a storm. Till now there is not any official confirmation whether Aakash Pathak is alive or dead. There is no evidence till now regarding his demise news. No police officers or authorities have clarified that this news is true. So his passing news looks like fake news.

There is no evidence which claims that Aakash Pathak is dead. So we are not going to take the rumor as truth. We are going to look at it as the fake news. His fake death rumor is trending right now because of the ongoing controversy over his father. His father is involved in the multi-crore Tata Motor job fraud. This is currently under investigation. Because of this case, some unverified users on Twitter (X) started this fake rumor of Aakash Pathak’s death. But we request you do not believe in this type of rumor and please immediately complain about this type of rumor.

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