A millionaire thief whose target is only VVIP funeral….! But why?

It is said that thieves have no faith or religion. He cleans his hands wherever he gets a chance. No it’s not like that. Delhi Police has also nabbed a millionaire thief who denies all this. Because the target was only VVIP mourning!

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Delhi Police nabbed a millionaire thief in the capital. Despite this, he does not stop stealing. No ordinary person is targeted by this amazing thief. It used to target only and only VVIP-VIP funerals. Delhi Police When they started interrogating him after the arrest, the police were also surprised to know and hear the information they got from him. The arrested thief’s name is George alias Pinky. The 32-year-old thief has been involved in theft since childhood.

The accused should be sent to sensitive districts like New Delhi. Thana Tughlaq Road The police arrested political and Dr VVIP security It is always in the eye of the eye from the country’s point of view too, where it is said that not even a bird can be killed ‘but’ in the presence of strict security measures and respectable citizens of the country. Moreover, the accused has earned more than 200 thefts in his life so much that, Chhatarpur I even built a luxurious mansion. However, why did he not uncover only four or five cases of theft in the preliminary investigation?

Hunting like this

But the police are his Horoscope of crime His face is busy with confession. According to the police, the accused has worked as a lawyer before. When he worked as a lawyer. Even its activities at that time are being looked into. New Delhi According to Tughlaq Road police sources, the accused also gave a unique clue to find the target during interrogation. Accused admitted that he used to read English-English newspapers first thing every morning after waking up. Not for news. But to know which kothi in posh district from new delhi Mourning meeting of arrangement advertisement has been published.

Because of this, such a commotion started

So that he can ‘target’ any person who comes prepared to mourn at the same VVIP Kothi. According to the source of the incident, on December 18 of last month 30 January Lane There was a funeral for the father of an IAS officer who lived in a Kothi. George also arrived at that funeral. There he stole the valuable mobile phones of five mourners. Four victims, including the minister, have lodged a complaint at the Tughlaq Road police station in New Delhi district. Since this is not something that happens to a poor common man, I am an S Kothi has been stolen. The entire police station including SHO Inspector Yogeshwar Singh of Tulgak Road Police Station was involved in the investigation.

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This is why the police got involved

However, a team headed by Assistant Sub-Inspector Indra Singh was also constituted for this investigation. After a few days of intensive efforts, the accused George was arrested by the police. So the whole thing became a fuss. Interestingly, the police also seized that recording from the accused. Where the accused is talking to a lawyer, ‘I have stolen the mobile phones of some judges and a minister. Currently, after hunting down this millionaire thief, the police are now trying to find out if the accused has shown his mastermind skills in any other VVIP area, reporting his arrest in other possible police areas of Delhi.


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