A heron rides on a crocodile, people say – learn to make an enemy a friend

A shocking video is going viral on social media showing a heron bravely riding on the back of a crocodile. Everyone was surprised to see that.

Heron riding a crocodile

Image Credit Source: Instagram

The secret of the crocodile is running underwater. You can imagine its power that it can reach a lion in its area. clumsy can remove Not only that, his hunting style is so dangerous that he catches the prey in the blink of an eye, but these days we came across a video where a heron Kumbhir He is seen riding comfortably on it. After watching that you will also say the same thing – Sir this is the real danger player.

In the video, the heron is seen daringly riding on the back of a crocodile. The fearless bird stands on the crocodile’s back. The crocodile maintains its position while swimming in the water. This time, there are more crocodiles but the heron is calm and keeps its balance. Meanwhile, the crocodile also ignores the heron ride and shows no signs of discomfort. That is why he does not make any attempt to attack the bird.

Watch the video here

In the video you can see a heron traveling on the back of a crocodile. Now we all know that very few animals dare to go near a crocodile as it is possible to escape from its jaws. No, however, seeing these two together makes people remember Jai-Veeru’s friendship too. Where birds are the special food of crocodiles. But here the scene looks different.

This video was shared by an account called ViralHog. More than 12,000 people have liked it and millions of views at the time of writing. One user commented on the video, writing, ‘Looks like the bird is enjoying an Uber ride.’ Another user wrote, ‘This is the real danger player.’ Another user wrote, ‘They seem like real friends.’ Apart from this, many others have commented on this and expressed their opinion.


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