3 Year Old Stabbed To Death In Sydney Apartment: Who’s The Suspect?

Today, we are going to share some huge shocking news. A terrible occurrence involving a three-year-old boy and his father is thought to have occurred just years before the mother of the child passed away. The mother of a little boy who was discovered dead at a residence in southwest Sydney had passed away “a couple of years ago,” according to police, and the youngster’s father is now believed to have killed the child. At 4 o’clock on Wednesday, emergency personnel flocked to a condominium complex on Washington Avenue in Riverwood after receiving a police call. Officers found the young youngster deceased inside the unit when they arrived too late for him.

3 year old stabbed to death

3 Year Old Stabbed To Death

At the site, there was also a 45-year-old male who was seriously hurt. He received treatment from paramedics before being taken urgently to the hospital. The injuries are believed to have been self-inflicted. According to The Daily Telegraph, the man is the boy’s father, and authorities will accuse him of killing the boy. Charges have not yet been brought. According to Superintendent Sheridan Waldau, a woman who resides in the apartment and is a relative of the man dialed 000 to voice her concerns. She is not the mother of the child, who, according to Superintendent Waldau, passed away “a couple of years ago.” She affirmed that the woman who raised the alarm “normally” resides in the apartment alone and that authorities believe the youngster had lived with the 45-year-old male.

3 Year Old Stabbed To Death In Sydney

According to Superintendent Waldau, the event was “very traumatic” for those who were present. It’s clear that this was a terrible tragedy. We send our condolences to the child’s extended family because any occurrence involving a young child is terrible in nature, the speaker stated. Unfortunately, police respond to domestic violence cases frequently. Every year, we respond to 140 000 events, and sadly, some of them result in homicides. It’s a task that police officers detest performing. When they arrived at the site, some of the boy’s family members expressed being “very upset” by the situation. Police are already speaking with them.

3 Year Old Stabbed To Death

According to The Daily Telegraph, the mourning family members were sobbing close to the apartment. One could be heard yelling, “Oh my god, oh my god, no, no, no.” The 45-year-old man’s current partner, who was not there when the event occurred, is also being sought by police. Crowds gathered outside the apartment building, and the street was lined with ambulances and police cars. Jodie Harrison, the minister responsible for women’s issues and the prevention of sexual assault and domestic violence, made a moving appeal during the question period on Thursday. Every single person bears responsibility for putting an end to gender inequity and violence against women, she said. The fight to end the daily plague of domestic and family violence will be an uphill struggle as long as tolerance for violence against women and children in whatever form persists in our community. So, stay tuned to PKB news.

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